Why is it important to simplify the way you store data?
Last Updated: August 24, 2020

It’s not an additional factor anymore but an obligation for all organizations ranging from small to large enterprises to be data-driven organizations. Companies are competing against each other utilizing available data to gain performance and sustain for a long period of time, this results in an increasing number of purchases on software applications, both on-premise or cloud-based. Many companies use different software for different departments, the different software has its own limitations. It’s like a double-edged sword because a software application is able to perform in its own entity, but isolate itself from the company's other business system.

The question is what will happen if you don’t store your company’s data in one place?

The problem generated from using different software is the data within the organization become more scattered and disparate, making it difficult to access and manage. This phenomenon is also called data silo; data silo is a collection of information that is isolated and not accessible for other people within the organization. A data silo is bad for an organization and can be solved by utilizing data-unification. By removing data silo, it allows an organization to get the right information at the right time, enabling accurate decision making, using data-unification is also effective to cut down cost on storage by avoiding duplication of information.

Typically, an organization uses different software to store their data for different purposes. This alone can reduce the effectiveness of accessing data as an individual required to log in to different software or databases to access certain data in order to have a full picture of the information. Data-unification is the solution to this problem, by unifying all of your data in one place, anyone in your organization is able to analyze the information quickly and efficiently.

Before any company can gain valuable insight, there is the first step to it called data-unification is a process of ingesting data from various sources into one single place, the process is complex and complicated, it’s one of the hardest challenges large organizations face today. To have a clear understanding on how difficult unifying all the data is, try to imagine compiling all the data from different programs that are used in your organization, every data has different forms, sizes, and treatments required. Even though the process can be painful, the end result is worth it.

Why is it important to simplify the way you store data?
Why is it important to simplify the way you store data?

The three reasons why you need to unify your valuable data

Cut Down Cost

Instead of paying different software regularly, why not cut down costs by putting all your data in one place, so you don’t have to pay different software for the same purpose. Modern organizations wish to maximize the potential of their customer data with modern marketing tools. The automation efforts focus mostly on algorithms and predictive analytics, but the magic happens one layer below that, the automation is only possible thanks to unified data. Opposite to siloed data, unified data means collecting all organization’s raw data in one single place, regardless of the data source. Both structured and unstructured are stored in a place, making it available for the automation process. Unified data provide easy access to an ever-increasing amount of customer data. CRM system, Marketing automation tools, and campaign monitoring platforms are connected at the data layer. Adding user-generated information such as mobile activity, web activity, and sensor data will enable organizations to have a full 360-degree customer view. This enables the company to cust down costs and increase their revenue at the same time.

Unlock a Better Strategy

A data-driven strategy is always a good strategy as it based on what’s happening in the real world, leaders are able to create a better strategy with data-driven analytics. Data is the heart of future business future growth, data becomes a crucial part of the decision making for a competitive market in this digital era. In order to make the right decision, it’s important to understand fully the whole picture of both internal and external factors of the organization. By putting all your business data in one single place, it’s possible to overview different aspects of the business effortlessly.

By unifying all the data in one place, it’s easier for the company to perform certain types of analytics as the data is widely and evenly distributed. Unifying all the data in one place allows more data to be collected, allowing the organization to create a better strategy based on overall data. The decision-makers are able to create effective measurements and discover new opportunities based on unify data-sets. Unifying data changes the way data interoperates, when the data speaks a common language, it’s easier to be compared with other data. The biggest benefit of unifying the data is that it’s able to create a significantly increased ability for computers to learn the patterns that are not easily detected by human eyes. This pattern is crucial for business automation such as predictive analytics and algorithms, this enables businesses to easily figure out the best solution possible.

Faster Decision Making

Multiple databases can lead to delay in data availability as processing data is not simple. The data has to enter the data process from its original form to consolidated and validated it to become valuable information. It’s important to process the data that has been collected in a quick manner, delays can impact revenue, operations efficiency, and brand reputation. With one single-place data, you can access the data that is constantly and instantly updated, allowing fast identification of trends and patterns in the data.

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