Bulog - Sistem Informasi Pangan
Nasional (SIPN)

BULOG is one of the State-Owned enterprises engaged in food logistics. The business scope of the company includes logistics/warehousing, surveying and eradicating pests, supplying plastic sacks, transportation businesses, trading in food commodities and retail businesses. As a company that continues to carry out public duties from the government, BULOG continues to maintain basic Purchase Prices for grain, stabilizing prices, especially basic prices, distributing rice to the poor (Raskin) and managing food stocks.
The supply and demand of rice production and consumption often vary depending on the weather, the holiday season, and many more. This kind of fluctuation also affects BULOG’s accuracy in making decisions regarding the rice production process, and BULOG want to change that.
Bulog collaborates with Volantis to monitor the supply and demand of rice production and consumption in order to create faster and accurate decision. Those objectives can be achieved by consolidating many applications from “Data Sawah Produktif”, “Data Panen”, “Data Stok di Gudang” and “Data Harga Pangan di Pasar”.