GGF - Agriculture Analytics
& Yield Forecast

Great Giant Foods
Great Giant Foods (GGF) is one of the leading companies in agricultural business; houses its line of brands that have grown exponentially utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology. GGF continues to produce the finest quality of agricultural and farming commodities – from fresh and canned fruits to livestock products.
Plantation process is often unpredictable, since it heavily relies on the weather, current temperature, pests, and many more. GGF feels the need to optimize the plantation process, so they can produce high-quality commodities in most effective and efficient way.
Volantis Platform help GGF to predict, yield and use the power of predictive analytics to optimize their plantation. We leverage human data & sensor data to feed data for AI. By using Volantis, currently GGF can access near-real-time information and make better decisions that are not only data-driven, but also AI-driven.