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Want to contribute your voice to the latest versions of Volantis? Don’t mind the occasional bug? Join our beta program! You’ll test new versions of Volantis before they’re released to help decide what works and what needs to improve.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is beta?
    A beta is a version of a software that is available to a small testing group of customers before it’s released to the general public. Betas may contain unexpected behaviors or bugs and may not have all the features that end up in the public or final products.
  • What is Volantis Beta Program?
    The Volantis Beta Program is a limited access to give customers the opportunity to test and provide feedback before a general release. When you join the beta program, you may be asked to test specific features and functionality in a real-world environment so you can provide feedback.
  • Who can join?
    The Volantis Beta Program application is open to all customers. But since it limited availability, please note that not all applications will be grated for the beta access.
  • Does it cost money?
    No. It is free to join the Volantis Beta Program.
  • Do I receive compensation for joining the program?
    No. There is no compensation for your participation.
  • Is beta software confidential?
    Yes. All of the functionality you access through our beta program is confidential information.
  • How will Volantis contact me?
    We will contact you using the email or phone number you provide in the sign up form.
  • How do I provide feedback?
    We may send you survey through email or direct phone call. You can also send feedback directly by sending an email to solution@volantis.io.
  • How do I leave the beta program?
    To leave the beta program, please email your request to solution@volantis.io.
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