Business Transformation
with Data-Driven Analytics

Volantis offers simple solution in managing your data to improve performance and increase efficiency

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Integrate all your data in one place to save time in evaluating your business performance
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Don't worry about data in different format from various sources. Simply drag and drop your data , and your data is ready
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Understand your data better with visualisation such graph, chart, and many more. The informations that are shown are based on real time data
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ML Studio
Automate your data and predict business outcomes with the power of Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning
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Transform effortlessly with our advanced platform and professional team
What They Say
  • Danny Kosasih

    Vice Chairman of Innovation Permanent Committee at KADIN

    Based on my experience I’d like to describe Volantis as a combination of expertise, technology savvy, and reliable people that helps to do the job for me: optimizing data for decision making.

  • William Henley

    Founder, Owner - IndoSterling Capital

    Volantis is bringing us a complete solution and at the same time simplifying all the data related process. Above all the most important pinpoints, businesses are now shifting faster from intuition-based decisions into data-driven decision making.

  • Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman

    Researcher, Writer & General Manager at Multinational Corporation

    Volantis enables quick and easy data visualization that provide comprehensive insight for business decisions. Inside, artificial intelligence is continuously working to provide real-time auto inspection, audit, reminders, fraud detecting, delivering benefits of millions of smart advisors.

Why Us?

Easy & Flexible

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to use for everyone in your organization, from data unification to predicting the future business outcome using Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning.

Save Time & Money

Save time and money by improving your business strategy with Data-Driven analytics. Our platform has been proven to enable effective decision making, cut down unnecessary costs, discover new opportunities, and many more

Predictable Pricing

We offer simple pricing model to facilitate clarity for our clients. No calculator or extra headache needed

Transform your business effortlessly with Volantis
Replace the old way of analyzing your business performance with our automated Data-Driven analytics for a faster and more accurate decision making. Running a business is not a guessing game; predict the right strategy, target market, Increase performance, and many more with real time data insights.
The use of Big Data has become one of the crucial ways to outperform the competition these days. Volantis offers a simple way to transform and prepare your business to compete in this digital era.