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Volantis Technology has been powering over 200+ organizations toward a successful digital transformation journey since 2015. Our frictionless plug-and-play digital transformation platform for any business lets you track your business goals, gain real-time insight, and discover new opportunities.

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End-to-End Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital Transformation Consulting
More than half digital transformation effort failed despite the substantial investment made by the company. Volantis digital transformation blueprint helps you assist your digital transformation initiative and provide necessary industry best practice to accelerate your digital transformation journey. From digital transformation assessment to detailed and actionable blueprint.
Digital Transformation Platform
Become a data-driven organization! Our platform lets you track your business goals, gain real-time insight, and discover new opportunities. We help your organization to excel in industry 4.0 by utilizing the power of AI/ML to solve complex business problems, automate the process, and predict business outcomes.
Digital Transformation Platform
Digital Native Venture Builder
Digital Native Venture Builder
Digital native customers' demanded digital native products. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in digital transformation, business model, and platform building, our expert can help you expand, develop and build new revenue streams in any business vertical. Develop and launch digital native MVP in less than six months.
Data-Driven Customers Acquisition
Acquire and grow your digital-native customers with Volantis Marketing. Our team of experts and advanced data analytics can help your organization excel in performance-based marketing, from understanding your customers with a customer data platform to a hyper-personalized digital marketing campaign.
Data-Driven Customers Acquisition
What They Say
  • Danny Kosasih

    Vice Chairman of Innovation Permanent Committee at KADIN

    Based on my experience I’d like to describe Volantis as a combination of expertise, technology savvy, and reliable people that helps to do the job for me: optimizing data for decision making.

  • Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman

    Researcher, Writer & General Manager at Multinational Corporation

    Volantis enables quick and easy data visualization that provide comprehensive insight for business decisions. Inside, artificial intelligence is continuously working to provide real-time auto inspection, audit, reminders, fraud detecting, delivering benefits of millions of smart advisors.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a process to increase the economic outcome of the business by implementing recent technology. Digital transformation is usually an organization's multi-disciplinary and long-term shift to improve its operational efficiency, productivity, and business outcome utilizing recent technological developments such as big data and AI.

Stage of The Digital Transformation

Digital transformation starts with digitation, digitalization, and digital transformation. Digitation converts non-digital assets to their digital counterpart; for example, converting from paper to an excel sheet. Digitalization is related to the digitation of a process in a business. Meanwhile, digital transformation combines digitation and digitalization that produces new business value.

Why is Digital Transformation Hard?

Digital transformation requires entire organizational changes, from the mindset of the management and employees to the adoption of recent technological tools. Digital transformation requires comprehensive planning and research to be successful. It is more than just implementing current technological trends in the company. It is a total transformation that utilizes technology and proper strategic management planning to produce better economic outcomes.