About Us

The world nowadays revolves around data. Everything we do, everywhere we go, each seconds we spend, we produce data that are spread and stored everywhere.

But like a hidden gem, they have no value until we hone them to become a jewel. And now it’s our time to process the data we have thoroughly so they can bring benefit to us.

Let us help you to unleash the potential of your data. Here in Volantis, we have a mission to empower business and institutions by providing reliable, unified data platform. We unify all your scattered data in one place, make them into standardized format, visualize them in beautiful design, and maximize their value by extracting insight from them with our Machine Learning tools. All is done in just one platform, enabling you and your team to become a data expert in only a few clicks away.

And you don’t need to be worry about the security of your data. You can choose whether to deploy the platform in your on-premise data centre, or your own private cloud. Your data, along with their values and potential, are always safe in your hands.

Whether you want to accelerate your business’ growth, make your data management way more efficient, or empower your team to cultivate more data-driven culture, you can do it all in just one, unified platform.

Now, are you ready to transform with Volantis?

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