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Volantis has all the necessary tools to help you get started deploying your AI-powered analytics.From data unification, data management, data preprocessing, data visualization and AI Builder. Start with a small problem and scale to the complex workflow — all without complex integration and steep learning curve
Dream Big, Start Small
Deploy a single Hedron (Hedron is a single computation unit that corresponds to the amount of data and the needed resources) to handle small data analytics less than 1GB. When you ready, scale to Petabyte of data with hundreds of thousand Hedron
Build Your Hedron
1 Hedron
Data Processing
~1 GB
Data Query
~100 MB
125 GB
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Data protection standard
What They Say
  • Danny Kosasih

    Vice Chairman of Innovation Permanent Committee at KADIN

    Based on my experience I’d like to describe Volantis as a combination of expertise, technology savvy, and reliable people that helps to do the job for me: optimizing data for decision making.

  • Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman

    Researcher, Writer & General Manager at Multinational Corporation

    Volantis enables quick and easy data visualization that provide comprehensive insight for business decisions. Inside, artificial intelligence is continuously working to provide real-time auto inspection, audit, reminders, fraud detecting, delivering benefits of millions of smart advisors.

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