Frequently Asked Questions

What is Volantis?
A data marketplace that connects the data owner and data producers and easily exchanges, enrich and deploy knowledge across the different industry to solve more complex problems.
How Volantis Work?
Volantis works by connecting the data owner, data consumer and data scientist in one platform so they can buy and sell data and model
How Do I Upload Data to Volantis?

Volantis supports multiple data connection tools or we called adapters. Right now we support SQL and NoSQL. The complete lists of supported data source:
SQL: mySQL and PosgresQL - coming soon: IBM, DB2, Oraclea and SQLite
NoSQL: CSV, TSV, SSV and Excel file - coming soon: Hadoop parquet

How Much Volantis Cost?

Volantis is free to use both data owner, data consumer and data scientist. The free tier get 5,000 API call per months for more API call limit you can buy quotas

What Type of Data That We can Monetize?
Volantis accept almost all structured data to be listed or monetized. However we do data transformation via our intuitive transformation tools so the data you upload is able to be converted to our format
What Data Producer Mean?
Registered person or entity that have some kind of data that can be uploaded to Volantis
What Data Consumer Mean?
Registered person or entity that utilize Volantis marketplace to fulfil their data needs
What Data Scientist Mean?
Registered person or entity that utilize any Volantis marketplace data using our ML Studio and create a machine learning model that can be consumed by himself or others
What Is Volantis Features?

Volantis Marketplace
The biggest data and algorithm marketplace. Host your data and model without worrying about complex data infrastructure, just upload and deploy, complete with autoscaling. Doesn’t have data or algorithm? Browse and find thousand datasets and machine learning model from our marketplace and consume within your application with a single click.

Volantis Xplorer
Visualize your data effortlessly with our best in class data visualization tools. Explore or enrich your own data with available datasets in our marketplace. Play around and create customized dashboard, alert system, and automated reporting tools. All of that within the reach of your fingertips.
Volantis Data Studio
Creating Machine Learning Model is never been easy with Volantis ML Studio, with built-in drag-and-drop machine learning composer you can clean, enrich, combine, create model from thousands of available algorithm. We support various algorithm such as regression, clustering, segmentation, text analysis, and deep learning. All of it can be achieved without holding PHD degree.

What The Benefit of Using Volantis?

For Data Producer :
Easily store and transform data into accessible format from multiple sources Generate production ready private or public data endpoint Monetize datasets in the marketplace Use Volantis Xplorer to help find insight and visualize the data Use Volantis ML Studio to build production ready machine learning model using drag and drop GUI Enrich and combine data with public or premium data available in the marketplace

For Data Consumer :
Browse and buy from huge selection of datasets from multiple vertical (premium or public datasets) Intuitive & production ready RESTful API data access Visualize and explore the data using Volantis Xplorer Create production ready machine learning model using our drag n drop ML Studio

For Data Scientist :
Access huge selection of datasets (public or premium) for ML research Design and test ML model easily using drag n drop ML Studio Deploy production ready ML model easily Monetize your own ML model and earn passive income

For Business :
Save time to deploy by harnessing the power of Volantis data infrastructure, instead of reinvent everythign you can focus on your business Save money by only using Volantis as you overall data infrastructure stack Less complication and simple development model Regular data analyst or BI team can now integrate, transform, and deploy scalable ML model without helps from engineer and or data scientist Standard data format and consume across different application Zero maintenance, Volantis do everything to make you data infrastucture run fast across the globe