Business Analytics

Harness The Power of Data Using Artificial Intelligent

Business Analytics
Volantis Enterprise solution enables businesses to harness the power of data using Artificial intelligence to solve businesses problems such as operational excellence, business analytics, risk mitigation, risk scoring and early warning system across business department leading to sustainable growth in digital Era without a complicated software integration.
Powerful Platform
Volantis Business Analytics is a flexible platform to cater to most of the business analytics use case. Create an automated, scalable data workflow to solve complex business problems easily using Volantis.

  • Connect Database or App Data using built-in connector
  • Manage data in a single interface using Volantis MyData
  • Prepare, clean, transform & enrich data using Volantis Pipeline
  • Built-in visualization tools using Volantis Xplorer
  • Built-in AI/ML Builder using Volantis ML Studio