One Data

Unify All Your Data in One Place

One Data
The main problem of the corporate digital transformation is scattered data among the business unit. Volantis One Data enables businesses to consolidate all the data from various sources with any format and transform that into accessible Data Management.
Prebuilt Data Connector
With Volantis One Data, businesses can harness the power of data by unifying all the data from various sources effortlessly using prebuilt data connector. Spreadsheet, database, file, images, video, stream and API can be connected to Volantis One Data seamlessly in a few clicks.
End-to-End Data Pipeline
Available data can now be clean, enrich and processed into more useful insight using Volantis Data Pipeline. Creating AI/ML also straightforward with Volantis ML Studio. Then you can visualize dan share your report/dashboard using Volantis Xplorer.
Security & Governance
Volantis One Data have prebuilt security and compliance protocol thru Identity Access Management (IAM). Admin can easily share specific rule to any employees within the organization.