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AI Platform for Human
Volantis has all the necessary tools to help you get started deploying your AI-powered analytics.From data unification, data management, data preprocessing, data visualization and AI Builder. Start with a small problem and scale to the complex workflow — all without complex integration and steep learning curve
Pain-Free Deployment - Zero Existing System Migration
Volantis IQ On-premise utilizes flexible and straightforward deployment in your server without disturbing your existing system and workflow. Connect your existing data and application in single clicks using thousand built-in Volantis Data Connectors.
Why Volantis IQ On-Premise
Full Privacy & Security Control Within Your Data Center
Sensitive Data Compliance Based on Data Regulation
Pain-Free Deployment Using Deployment Wizard
Connect Your Existing Data Source in Few Clicks
What They Say
  • Danny Kosasih

    Vice Chairman of Innovation Permanent Committee at KADIN

    Based on my experience I’d like to describe Volantis as a combination of expertise, technology savvy, and reliable people that helps to do the job for me: optimizing data for decision making.

  • Dr. Hasanudin Abdurakhman

    Researcher, Writer & General Manager at Multinational Corporation

    Volantis enables quick and easy data visualization that provide comprehensive insight for business decisions. Inside, artificial intelligence is continuously working to provide real-time auto inspection, audit, reminders, fraud detecting, delivering benefits of millions of smart advisors.

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